The RavensPerch was born out of my long-time love affair with stories and poetry, and everything artsy. While the journal seeks established as well as emerging writers, The RavensPerch is different in that we have chosen to step away from the norm and use our platform to bring the literary world together across generations.  So you will find here a literary home for adults, young adults, and children from grades five through eight. I am interested in work that attaches itself to my memory bank, work that reads ‘everydayish’ and stimulates my imagination. Work that forces me to take a second (or third) look. When it comes to poetry, I like classical forms, free verse, and prose poems. In other words, you are just the writer/artist that The RavensPerch wants to publish. So, come on, take the dare, send us your best work, and welcome aboard.

Gretna Wilkinson, Ph.D.