is story begins without any past,
unaware of the desires and fears
that were implanted like chips.

Waking up on vacation with credits
to his name and a rental to ignite.

An ordinary man in this 21st recorded inning.
Exquisite Arrabbiata to find in an unrenowned cafe.

On his own again, where resilience
is formed after the storm of betrayal.

The over-brewed storms not just ominous
on the horizon but delivering the cache
of destruction that’s so obvious in the Dawn.

Life is devoted to making sense of all confusions.
Parashot with post-modern angulations.

I hear the creaky sanctuary door,
opening and closing throughout the service.

Its high pitch cries like a child
while the prayers continue.

The biblical is woven
with this navigation through happiness,
mentoring, with disappointments and resolution.

The creaky door moans over and over.
Each week seeks renewal.

Each morning firing up the rental,
showing and finding a way.

Each morning is a rental,
breakfast for the kids,
coffee for the ordinary man.