It must have scarred her for life.
She lost loved ones, friends and
her whole life was changed forever

Her place was the basement. Sure
she spent time other places but that
was her time to be alone

Restlessly cleaning and ironing
in solitude. Grandma was usually alone
when she thought about it

They must have busted the door,
barged in and taken everything

They must have treated her like worthless
swine and there was nothing
she could do

The red Swastika badges gleamed
on their arms. She saw her neighbors murdered
and rounded up each day
She asked herself when it would be her turn

Her home was no longer home.
Dark spirit loomed over her and in the
dead of night, she desperately fled

Not knowing her final destination and
not knowing the length of the journey
she traveled and searched for safety

I’ve always marveled at her strength and
have been eager to learn more about the
time she went through. But
she never told us much.

ALDEN RACZ is a student at The College of New Jersey.