What’s with the number 666?
Is it loaded with parlour tricks?
Would such writ need be ‘perfect pitch’?
Its breadth’s more than a Hexastich.

What’s with the number 666?
the Mark of the Beast or a witch?
‘Hex’ – the root – may pay you enrich,
perhaps to find noetic niche.

Most well know is a hellish Hex,
On and on such things tend to go …
Yet more complex, some shapes so vex,
Hexagon & Hexagram show.

Six points, Six angles and Six sides;
the highlights of a Hexagon.
But does called Hex a curse surmised
by those so beset or in drawn?

Henceforth, the hallowed Hexagram,
666 therein all about.
Thou, Mötley Crüe played Pentagram,
it was at The Devil in shout.

“Hex-ere-i” sounds like “Sex or die”,
An ole term spelled toward witchcraft.
To ignore, fails to seem so sly,
but more preys to play people daft.

The Hexagon in chemistry,
An assumed structure fit for build.
Kinship of Six – a Hexarchy;
doesn’t need be evil for skilled.

Cells to a beehive honeycomb,
Habitat for health & sweetness;
Buzzed to best shape, strong for their home,
Such structure sets to stem weakness.

And, then there’s Saturn’s polar cloud,
a Hexagonal shape at that.
A beastly witch for did allow?
666 – worth a deeper chat?


Craig Matheson authored Pan-Worldly Things (2023). He graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1998 with a degree in marketing. Over the years, he has become an endlessly curious student of world history, seeking to understand why the various time-tested theistic philosophies have lasted in practice to the present day.