A Blank Page is like a Sea of White
Transfixed by its tides dragging me under
The waves sway me back and forth, I am indecisive
As the waves tower over me, engulfing me into the abyss
I am suddenly surrounded by white emptiness
It’s beautiful, it’s haunting, it’s horrifying
The vast nothingness is so immensely gripping at my chest
And then I put ink on paper and the tides stir and intensify
The ink evaporating the white water into something that has weight
The Ocean of White begins to fight for its very existence
Crashing and buckling against the pen
The Ocean of White is angry yet helpless as it bellows
But I can’t stand the Ocean of White, it’s too powerful
More powerful than any words I can write
More powerful than any thought ever written
The Ocean of White, a Blank Page, is the essence of every thought
The Ocean of White is an infinite amount of possibilities and ideas
But as soon as ink stabs into the sea, turning the white waves black
All infinite ideas are dead.