I am a bright blue feather
and a water lily’s dream,

I am a fern unfurling, veiled
in waterfall mist,

your smile when I come home
carries me like a wave swooshing ashore,

you love a red horse in snow
and willows that fall through moonlight,

you are an old oak’s mother voice
among young maples,

your self, my self—
with every breath, beauty

we are the green crescendo
of a summer morning,

a walk in the fall
when Orion rises,

I am a wee child, giggling
and you are an unexpected kindness

and the taste of butterscotch,
we are a squirrel sitting on a log like Buddha,

I am scent of cinnamon in winter,
you are a tender hand, stroking,

listen, love to the moonlit pines conversing,
they free shadows released from time,

my self, your self—
with every breath, beauty

relish how light falls on orange leaves,
a sweet, gentle passing,

I am wet clay that spins a shape
and you are a brown bowl of aloe,
(more with stanza break)
we are stories Earth’s bones tell,
standing stones that mark solstice,

my love, go ahead—be a hummingbird’s beak
and I shall plan a picnic in a blue barn

on a rain-trilled morning,
at night, the whip-poor-will’s song,

your self, my self—
with every breath, beauty.