“Just do it”, holds no worth, unless
You’re crazy enough, to let self-belief,
Turn the corner, into concrete deed. How like in New York,
When you turn 90 degrees, it can be Wall Street,
Or perhaps Broadway. How you need not
Suit-up, to walk into Merril Lynch,
Or be a thespian, to watch “The Book of Mormons”.
We only remain as proof, of the plasticity
Of our quests. You are, as Colin says,
How close to Bedlam, your dream is.
The greatest accolade of life, is how you
Get to be one with your epitaph,
20 years before, your gravestone was laid.

How Colin Kaepernick stood on one bent knee,
Like a 30s man holding a diamond ring,
Or a hopeful woman on Feb 29th, knowing, that all it
Takes, is a leap of faith. LeBron and Serena, now live,
Inside hearts of little masters, and dreaming angels.
How one hand, is all it takes, for a hook shot,
Or a forehand winner. How a child, looks at
A hero or heroine, in the same way, one looks at a mirror.
There’s a cavalier in each heart, to challenge a status quo,
To know that, one is, perhaps, one too many.

“Just Do it” was what Colin Kaepernick did.
How one under-dawg, stood in genuflection,
To one distant day, embellish a Nike commercial,
To be the ambassador of a candy-floss afro,
Who showed one moment of dissent, is all it takes,
To go viral. How Colin, inspires,
A nation of adolescents, transforming, a weak feat,
To a triumphant defiance, amazed, at how,
A weak joint, and a weaker patella,
Can ossify, the hunched spine, of America,
In the journey, from abolition to absolution.
The Nike Ad is no guilt trip, only a reminder,
How long, the journey will take, just to prove,
That Lincoln’s words were not wasted,
On a bleak albocracy; that, courageous men
Did not once die in vain!

Colin was no cult hero, only
A man who got down, on a bended knee,
In protest, to let a nation know,
That “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”
Is not just a closure, to a nation’s anthem,
Also a heart’s rallying call. Only a brave-hearted homie,
Who, instead, of a military salute,
Or the right palm placed over an honoring heart,
Chose to go down, on one menial knee;
Becoming overnight, a prayer, to a divided nation,
Who gather on the periphery of fields,
Where sports are community mainstays,
To reinforce, a timely axiom.

“I am my brother’s keeper.”