A day of wild and ruthless rain and then another day and another just being here watching through the windows the blowing thick curtains of gray rainfall harried lashed and ripped by random windbursts and whipping back and forth through the air and morphing into shimmering and turning spiral waterfalls wavering on the winds before pounding down onto the streets so this is what spring is like in my town well OK then I’m sitting in my ordinary place and wondering what my response should be to this storm maybe no response is the best response or maybe not sometimes there’s a need to do something anyway should I simply stay here and follow the shifting undulations of rainshapes in the air with a keen attention I wonder if I am looking into my own future can I find faint clues there should I speak to it in soft tones of supplication or should I stand before the window and bow three times

E. J. Evans has contributed poetry to many literary journals, most recently to Stone Canoe and RHINO Poetry. His chapbook First Snow Coming was published by Kattywompus Press.