Homage to K.S.

It was a horrible dream:
I was living in a shack,
the ceiling less than five feet high,
the bending over hurt my back;

I wasn’t allowed to sit or squat
but had to stay on my feet
head bent down all night before
a personage of the elite.

But the awakening
tortured me even more:
the heavens made me bend lower
than the shack did before.

Why the torture? I kept asking
without an answer all that time,
but at least I wasn’t burned at
the stake for my defiant whine.

After a while I began
to hear a voice from the sky;
bending is but the first move
before you learn to fly.

Quick, I threw away my dream
and filled my chest with air;
at once I felt much lighter,
free of the crown of despair.

Paul Sohar, BA, Philosophy worked in a research lab while writing in every genre, publishing thirteen volumes of translations, including Silver Pirouettes (TheWriteDeal 2012), and In Contemporary Tense (Iniquity Press, 2013). His collection, Homing Poems was published by Iniquity, 2006. The Wayward Orchard, was a Wordrunner Prize winner in 2011. Other awards include: First prize in the 2012 Lincoln Poets Society Contest, second prize in RI Writers Circle 2014 Contest. Prose work are True Tales of a Fictitious Spy (Synergebooks, 2006) and a collection of from One Act Depot (Canada, 2015). Magazine credits include Agni, Gargoyle, Kenyon Review, and others.