A Letter to My Valentine By Kelly B. Williams

When my story is written in the Temple of Eternity
the universe will know the depth of my love for you.
And there will be no doubt our coupling
was not happenstance nor coincidence . . . but kismet.

For it was long ago decided that your story
would often be written on the same pages as mine.

Many times our ideologies would conflict,
our words wanting to leap off the page
and destroy one another; yet, it was the conflict
and its resolution that made for an interesting read.

And on another page there would be calm.
Our words would flow together like tributaries
into a river and peace would abide.

Ultimately, we learned that sometimes our partner
was able to punctuate our sentences better than we.
And we were made better writers because of it.

No matter what, our destinies will remain unchanged
because our stories are in the same book.

Happy Valentine’s Day