Don’t know
how I ambled
down narrow basement steps
moon smiling over the Rockies
to pray

Do know
I awoke them
my Christmas-present dolls
in crude wooden beds like soldiers

Don’t know
which prayers I led
three Hail Mary’s one Our Father
carried black missal in palms like
a tray

Do know
we sang and danced
Ring-around-the Rosy
heard their giggles, squeals, felt wide
warm grins

Don’t know
why I founded
secret underground place
Marianne’s Mountain Orphanage
for dolls

Do know
I was but seven
life for me was not all
about Hop-Scotch, Hide-and-Seek a
Snicker bar

Don’t know
if I sauntered upstairs
for breakfast, a warm hug
do know that I wasn’t lonely
down there.