The world is square
Outside my screen door
Two birds I can’t name
Play tag chasing
Touching, separating
In the snap of a second
I’ve re-invented my living
Alone with nothing
Else to do now
My nose breathing
The sharp dank smell of aged wire
Counting the hundreds
By twos, threes, fours
Could be the clue too
Crack open the case door
Find you holding white carnations
Your black lab with bad hips
Limping in a step behind

Or maybe not
So be it
I know not what is
From what is not
Standing useless as a coat tree
In the hall closet
Frazzled by the blurry world
Outside my inside screened door
And oh it is cold
So very cold
I push hard for the firm click
Of a heavy door safely closed.

Carol Oberg began her writing career publishing poetry on greeting cards for Blue Mountain Arts. Her first book of poetry, 'CRAWLING DOWN THE ALLEY TO EASY STREET' will be published this summer (Clare Songbirds Publishing House). She has published in many literary journals and was the winner of the 2018 Heart Poetry Award.