Absence of Wind By Meriah Murphy

As I listen to the wind
I hear it changing pitch
When this happens
I like to think of you

I close my eyes and hear
Within the melody of the air
The soft sounds of your exhortations
Your wisdom

When the leaves begin to rustle
I can dance to a song of common sense
I think of how
You hum it quite a bit

The breeze then might bring about
The scent of your sweet sanguinity
Which reminds me of caramel

This is when I yearn for
The reassurance of your smile

As if it knows,
The draft changes frequency again
Everything it touches
Is of a slightly rosier color
It becomes warmer too

If a cloud covers the sun
I am forced to taste all of the times
I’ve disappointed you
This tastes like grapefruit
Because, in parts, the sugar of your lessons
Masks bitter pulp

The light breezes pick up
Thoughts crowd my mind’s pathways
As quickly as dandelions lose their seeds

My senses are overwhelmed
By powerful gusts
That force insecurity from my pores
And replace it

With a chilly kind of confidence

Which always seems to be a better fit

I think of you
And my heart grows so much
Every minute that I do

It swells inside of me
Becoming tidal
The beats as complex as symphonies

I must stop
Before my soul gets too big for my body
You could do that to me, you know

I tend to remember these things
About you so often
That they blend into me
As a part of my insides
That shine through me
Like sun through stained glass
But even the colors are second nature
I forget they are there
Because they are just aspects of me

And yet, on the stillest of days
It is always the lack of you
That makes me realize
The absence of wind