Mountains before me and mountains behind
me, flame up in gold and red. Sunset’s glow
reflects in water, breeze stirred. Gentle flow
of memory, all leaves—each branch entwined
stirs a winded Blue Mountain Lake, in mind
as I ponder. This canopy I know
of present, white pines and paper birches grow
where on forest floor, moss and fern, I find
the Hudson’s depth is never far away-
a steady course of time in the making.
Let the red sugar maples have their say
each day of this season’s drumming waking-
a searing within of such grand array…
of such feral beauty…there’s no mistaking.

Lucia Haase has been writing poetry for about 20 years as the direct result of a spiritual experience. Most of which is in formal verse with an occasional free verse poem. Lucia was recently included in an anthology of poets titled Symphones of the Wild Hearted available on