Who is he? I’m dead sure
he didn’t graduate with us.
Look. Standing behind him. Lola.
How brave of her! I didn’t think she’d make it
after our 45
th. Who in the world—
ninety degrees and wearing black. Look,
there’s Irene. Yes, Irene. I wouldn’t recognize her either
if I hadn’t heard. Knock on wood
and help me, Ann. Remember that strange boy
in fifth grade who would memorize
obituaries? This one’s far too young, though.
Why is he crouched there in the front row
between Tom and his new wife?
Oh—did you get to Kathy’s funeral?
is this guy? He’s handsome, all right.
How would you like to have those eyes
glowing at you in the dark?
He shouldn’t smile like that. He wouldn’t
if he knew how many . . .
Well, at least we tough old birds still show up
every fifth year in the class picture.
Right in the front row. Like he’s staring at us.
Look how white his teeth are.