I’m having an argument with the morning
Right now it’s a five-way tie

Part of me
Longs to lace up my boots
And hike to the lake
On this crisp, cool, sunny morning
And see if my pelicans are back today
I missed them yesterday

Another part is torn
And yens to take my Smith-Corona
To the patio to write
In the cool morning air
Before the neighbors are out
Mowing laws
Walking barking dogs
And the world seems
To belong only to me
And to the birds

One part wants to scout the garage sales early –
Before the early birds
For all the treasures
I’m looking for a patio set
That will fit in the back of my small car
And a white folding adirondack chair
To match the one I found four years ago on Next Door
It is a constant search

One part wants to grab my book and rest
With my coffee and Vivaldi and read the day away
I’m reading Where the Crawdads Sing
And the book is even better than the movie

Yet a final part of me
Would relish bringing my easel outside for a
Patio painting jag in the cool of the shade
Maybe with some blues on the Bose
And another pot of coffee forgotten about midway
And poured over ice when remembered

I’m loving this sunny, cool, crisp summer morning
I’m hoping there are many more of them just like today

Now just to decide which way I want to dive in for today