Like fog lifting, or any generic
Poetic phrase to sub-eloquently state
Something no longer obstructing view,
Subtle, and (or) evaporated,
Whichever, there is now less weight.

Darkness’s visible when pendulum
Eclipses light farther to the future;
Past reveals predestined beginnings,
Edging toward loose precipice-
Now earth takes familiar shape.
(Like stepping back from a Suerat)

Eyes most times aren’t that wide.
Must create space to conceive
Big picture’s magnanimous swathe.

A silly ruse, illusion of control,
Alludes to nature’s inherent mercy.
A gradual pang of egoic self
Suggests enlightenment; but remain
Honoring personal truths in tow.

Moments real despite surreal,
Moments truly ensconcing lies,
Beauty in daily sordid life (Teaism),
And hope despite despair’s aire.
Inside love and kindness
Is open-mindedness honestly smiling
With laughter and brilliant hugs-

These are worth awakening each morning.

Ryan Jerome Stout started writing poetry at 15 years old and has continually done so for the past 24 years. His goal is to create images (paintings in words) to assist in processing his internal and external worlds. Ryan often presents dark images dealing with depression, cosmogony, interconnectedness, and death.