Another lover disappears, ghosts
echo loss, even derision.

The record holder for shortest affairs,
I entreat these misalliances, small

Wonders of dreamscape over real,
like bones with no underpinnings
to salvage.

Love or friendship slip away, the knot
always too tight or too loose to
hold him.

Love is seasonal at my hearth
it binds and bolds passion.

How to hold him close again,
his feeling less than passionate?

I know this cooling off rattles
our soured relationship.

His departure, maybe preordained,
hugs the winter season, not me.

Snow shies away from ground, flakes
large but porous, too damp to stick.

They disappear like him tumbled dry
of emotion, melted where once
my tongue;

Left flakes, each unique, my gift.
Singes of farewell strike my tongue.

Lee Landau creates poems using a memoir of key events. She was a finalist in four poetry contests. She is published in: Wisconsin Review, Reed Magazine, New Millennium Writings, Poetica, Common Grounds among others. By submission only she has work-shopped Sharon Olds, Billy Collins, Dan Halpern, Tom Lux, Dara Weir.