Dana styled her hair
like a stellar jay’s
feather crest—pointed,
royal, elegant, bold;

as free as a gamehawking falcon,
she escaped social tethers
& conformity’s gloves
defied inhibitions, opened arms
to embrace a disjointed universe
balance the yang & yin,
recapture memories long
forgotten, establish
an eternal awareness
of unexplored avenues,
unrequited love affairs,
& unanticipated success
outside Dante’s inferno
sorting out shadows,

dancing with silhouettes
undefined by glimpses of light,
Dana’s self-discovery thrived
under firefly luminescence.

Author, poet, educator, Sterling Warner’s works appeared in many journals and anthologies including RAVEN’S PERCH and ANTI-HEROIN CHIC. Warner’s collections include RAGS & FEATHERS, WITHOUT WHEELS, EDGES, SERPENT’S TOOTH, FLYTRAPS, CRACKS OF LIGHT, HALCYON DAYS, and MASQUES: FLASH FICTION & SHORT STORIES. Warner currently writes, hosts readings, and enjoys retirement.