Après-midi des enfants By Richard Carl Subber

The pond’s blue water, ruffling in precocious breezes,
coolly boiling with the thrashing and sparkly splashes
of sprites masquerading as children,
all enmeshed in the gentle net of watchful gazes,
all flaunting their carefree energy,
they tend to joy, they crave only more,
heedless of their unknown futures….

Rejoice, young and old!
The pond is now.

Richard Carl Subber

is a freelance editor, a writing coach and a historian. He lives with his family in Natick, MA, USA. He’s a former newspaper reporter/editor who now indulges his love of the right words. His poetry appears in The Australia Times Poetry Magazine, miller’s pond poetry magazine, Northern Stars, United Haiku and Tanka Society, Whispers, and elsewhere.