(in response to “Shiva,” by Andrea Cohen)

As we remember later
Associations line up
Closing in tightly
At almost every turn
Until you can no longer
Walk down a street
Without being summoned
As one sign or other
Commands you to stop
Some letters are displayed
Before you know
They take over
Your storied stock
Another trick you say
But they never left
Really they did not
As you see still
Her, isn’t it?
Blessings bestowed
All of it a dream
And finally in abandon
We knock the cover
Off the whole thing

Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin studied philosophy, mathematics, and music at Mount Holyoke College and earned a master’s degree from Bryn Mawr College. She is a photographer and poet. Her photographs are part of numerous private and corporate collections, including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 3M, Medtronic Corporation, and Fidelity Investments.