Something uniquely strange happens
in the pub, at Jerry’s usually
around 7 p.m. on Wednesdays.
The three of us good friends meet
for a pint to talk and rant,
away from wives and girlfriends.
For a few moments, we just hunt,
primeval males searching for a kill.
Muscle strengthens, stretches, pains,
fibers exhaust time’s remains,
bones support, creak, contain,
force, motion, sounds, moves.
Weight and sweat power threat.
We push and pull, shove shout,
our prey runs and scatters.
We follow from a distance,
we throw we catch we run,
walk, swim, jump, salute,
sing, grab, touch, restrain,
legs and arms exhausted, breathe,
the body returns to Jerrys.
We examine the day’s prey,
last Wednesday we flung
onto the table bloodied carcasses
of enemies, we could not kill,
together with bison, elk and deer.
Once a giant grizzly bear
that almost killed us.