Finally, You sitting across from me
while I worry about the light — you
can see every whisker,
and every line of uncertainty
but you smile anyway,
and I love you just for that.
You cut the kiwi slices perfectly.
You know just what to do!
Your orange Wheaties bowl,
a collectible treasure trove, is so you.
Mostly we laugh.
We don’t stop even when it hurts.
I knew in the first five minutes
it was the time for us.
Maybe you wanted the same thing,
for just a solid moment
you ached for it like me.
Being in that moment with you
was worth the crazy quest,
knowing we shared that tiny truth
is a story all its own, like the sky
and how it changes with the clouds,
we can only live beneath its glory
and bask in its sun rays,
until the light dies down
and darkness sets us free.