I am the embodiment of a huge gust of wind…
A roaring bonfire…
Gigantic, turbulent waves crashing into the shore…

A wild thunderstorm at sea, forcefully cracking in the sky…
The lightning that strikes the ocean seemingly out of nowhere…
A supernova silently exploding in space resting to float
with overwhelming beauty and grace.

But l am also
The warm sun on your face as you walk on the beach in pure tranquility.
A gorgeous sunset with hues of pink and violet decorated in perfect whisps of clouds.
A delicate and beautiful turquoise waterfall disguising caverns with
dark depths of passion just beyond.
The softest most comforting blanket that you’ve ever felt.
The safest place you could be

I am varying levels of both
& light.
Some days one more than the other.
Some days right in the middle.
Some days a perfect contradiction.
I’m both broken and whole.
Both messy and clean.
Both distant and close.
Both tarnished and bright, held together and falling apart all at once.
Both a gift and a curse.
Both the roots and the towering tree above.
Feet planted firmly on the ground with my head in the clouds.

Like most of nature
There is beauty in my darkest moments
This is why I can see beauty in the darkest of things

Brickanne Martin was born is Salem, Oregon and has lived in the area for most of her life. She lost her mother to suicide in 2022 and in the midst of her own grief and mental health struggles, was inspired to start writing again. She’s a disabled single mother.