New neighbors
A pair of malamutes
Friendly they hang over fence
for petting

Twin glaciers
Mounds of fur
Must be a blizzard indoors

They lap my fingers
wag plume tails
as my pit bull’s solid red whiptail
circles in a skinny propeller

Black and white big footed beasts
Eyes oblique
aquamarine cabochons
tongues salmon flesh

My tiny chihuahua offers
warnings from window
She knows those giants
weren’t in that space a while ago

Somehow they calved
and floated inland
one winters night


Diane Funston has been published in journals including California Quarterly, Lake Affect, F(r)iction, Tule Review, San Diego Poetry Annual, among others. She served two years as Poet-in-Residence for Yuba-Sutter Arts and Culture Her chapbook, “Over the Falls” was published by Foothills Publishing in 2022.