~ for Jessica Roeder 

Consider the complex histories of
granite & marble
bronze & steel
swirling & circling just out of sight
unfazed     graceful     awaiting rediscovery

Consider an attack angle of 20 degrees
spin rate sufficient for gyroscopic stabilization
wonder if corruption comes
from the theories of hydrodynamics
stone essentially solid & substantial
somehow becoming softer

Consider an effort to find personal accord
with the indigenous stones
whether newly fallen from stars
or risen from the ashes

Consider selenology
& that the distance to the moon grows
by 1.49 inches each year
that stone isn’t naturally malleable & yet

Consider each person you love
placed lengthwise on their most stable side
just touching the next generation in lines of seven
the configuration not symmetrical

Consider the lake in the woods
trees bowing down over the water
your own head down as if in prayer
wonder might the stones steal autonomy
ride through the town with pitchforks & torches

Consider how history repeats itself
danger & deathblow
each stone the size of your palm
& as flat as infinite lines
not curving     not touching
Is anyone safe?

Consider the biomechanical methods to make power
how you like to understand the forces
distance     finesse     strength
& archaic lifeforms
transformed under geological pressure

Consider sailors
throwing buckets of water overboard
to prevent their ship from sinking
consider      the geometry of the water
the geometry of the boat the geometry of time

Take your tap shoes outside
practice on a piece of plywood
inside you set off the rabbit
who thinks you’re announcing the apocalypse