You finish with the beginning: blanketed reincarnation
between the forest of icy berries. Blushing horizon
entices suspended allure, a fullness
matched with the sharp comfort of frost on hot
cheeks. You lust after
the loudness of quiet, the fullness of consuming
pine’s scent, the swallow’s song, of being
pinned down by the mountain’s
grandiosity. Snow-sheets bed
abbreviated death, yet, you are not done
with the creamy bite, nor the fruit
of promises to come.

Harking from Trieste, Italy, Seattle, and Chicagoland, Alysa Levi-D’Ancona is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at UW Bothell. She was longlisted in the F(r)iction 2020 Fall and 2021 Spring Contests and a published finalist in the 2021 Stories That Need to Be Told Contest. @alevidancona