The bride in Binney Park.
on the bridge by the willow trees,
is beautiful and happy
in her once-to-be-worn white dress,

enchanting as she steps off
the bridge and into souvenir.
Today all the rest of her days
Will be perfect for picture taking.

Mothers in Binney Park
watch their children feed ducks
and play marriage. They glance
at the bride—so bright

against the willows’ green veil,
more innocent than infants
grown too big for baby books
stored with wedding albums


WILLIAM SWARTS is the author of Harmonies Unheard, Strickland Plains and Other Poems and Treehouse of the Mind. He won First Prize in the Litchfield Review’s annual Poetry Contest. His poetry has been published in many recognized literary reviews and journals. He practiced law in New York City and Paris, France.