I like the ocean because she can keep secrets buried deep
my treasure is a smile that was never asked for
you always complained I was hard on my clothes but
never talked about how hard I was on my soul
the only place I ever felt safe was outside looking in
the cat sits in the dip between my ribs and my hip
“It’s a good day for Soothsayers,” she says to me—
when your mother calls you the devil’s child
know she has revealed herself, mother of abominations
be aware of her force feeding you the guilt of her sins
we are not responsible for tracking in the dirt
she left on the front porch
of our house

Shannon Orr is a writer, photographer, and artist. She currently resides in Texas with her very supportive family while returning to school to obtain her MFA. Her articles and photography have been published in local newspapers, magazines, and literary journals.