She plunges into gloom.
            Seems unlikely, no
impossible she will climb out.
            Room insists
on blackened silence.
            Even my stare
becomes a struggle.
Empty rocking chair
            near open window
hoards morning light.
            Her eyes lift
to beckoning glow.
            Trembling lips
whisper on the edge
            of my hearing.
She bids me sing.

I start to croon a favorite
            words knot around
a tune   real   invented.
            Her shoulders sway
like sparrow teetering
            on naked branch.
She exhales a nasal hum.
Entangled words follow,
            duet with raining tears.
For a moment she lifts
            from hardscrabble state.
Our voices rest inside
            a reverent pause.
She catches my eye.

We blink out window.
            Unexpected bees
fly in and out of snapdragons
            filling damp air
with their drone.