I awake
To a wall of expectations,
Both personal and superimposed,
Anxiously waiting in line for resolution
Clamoring to be jettisoned.
Today must be for everything,
So I`m told, or I`m telling myself,
A monumental traverse, unreachable.
Rigor begins to procreate
Petrifying my mind and spirit.
But, must I participate in my own undoing
Trying to fulfill insatiable have to`s?
With disappointments mounting
And with frustrations fermenting,
Productivity limbo is constantly
Picking away at my self-esteem.
Parcel and prioritize is an essential message
For me to reclaim a balanced perspective.
Perhaps even to forgive myself—
To step aside and let unnecessary stress
Pass by—
Giving me a reprieve from guilt.

Note to self: “Doing nothing is indeed doing something.”

John Lysaght is a poet who began honing his craft while at university, graduating with a degree in English and Classics. Here, his work was first published in Esprit, the school`s literary journal. John seeks to explore the human condition, replete with its struggles and triumphs.