There was a cascade of clouds
That formed over a buoyant bayou
On the afternoon of my mother’s death.
Her passing was not untimely,
Nor unexpected.
At her funeral
There were more thoughtful embraces
And spirited fits of laughter
Than tsunamis of tears
Or surges of sadness.
Yet I saw you stashed in the corner
Shying away from the spotlight
Like an untalented performer
Afraid to be booed or even noticed.
Your physical splendor
Along with your unwavering kindness,
Always made people notice you, though.
Especially me.
You gamely fought back tears
Like a steel gate fighting back
Crushing crowds at a concert,
But I could sense your sorrow
From the opposite side of the parlor.
Your lowered eyes combined
With your sullen expression
Told me that you cherished
My mother as much as I did.
That should have foreshadowed
How our delightful love laces
Would have tied together at the denouement.
I should have sensed it all along
Yet my premonition meter
Did not register when it came to you
Until the evening you told me
That you loved me even more
Than you loved her.