Chili By John J. Petrolino III

We hand select our ingredients
some from cans,
some from dew covered misty bins.
With knife in hand,
we labor over the matter,
slicing and dicing and chopping…
Sorting out the good stuff.
We chop up chunks of meat,
measure out the spices.
Into a pot it all goes,
throwing in beans and broth,
boil for three minutes
and then simmer for hours.
The extra broth slowly dissipates,
leaving the mixture,
to fully mature over time
and blend into one entity.

John J. Petrolino III articles, reviews, essays, and poetry have appeared in many notable publications: The Idiom Magazine,
The Working Tools Magazine, Word Riot, The Journal of NJ Poets and Poetry, LIPS Magazine, Ammo Land, and others.