Scattered, covered, slovenly-smothered, grease-shined, delicious, not even nutritious, sauteed, baked, browned, and embellished; relished with cheese, with scallions, with joy, with sour cream, butter and bacon convoys; sliced paper thin, fried, scalloped or mashed, sliced into cubes, sliced into hash; loaded, exploded, dripping and messy, tongue-wet, thick, creamed before blessing; fondant, dumplinged, puffed, Romanoffed, cakes that send your palate aloft; rolled into gnocchi, crafted like wedges, Frenched like au gratin with rosemary hedges; garlic, savory, chard, curry or thyme; sublime spuds, coquettish croquettes or flirtatious frittatas; you say po-tay-to… and I say po-tah-tahs!