To disappear, light a match. From the flames
disperse ashes out to the campfire grounds, then play

the guitar until the strings break and bleed into your skin.
But if music still sounds, drain the wax from your ears—

You’re delusional; melt into water and distinguish the flames.
Form castles in the ashes and cover them with glitter. To flee

the watching eyes, hide inside the logs
and fold your hands along the curves, quiet

and unstrung in a bed of dirt and dried lilacs. Be sure to fall
asleep to the owls; their hoots are unforgiving

and unmoving. As a way to call this home, line
your body in pastels and lace, love the ashes beneath

your feet that call to you. Go unstrung
into the night. Silence the cries that follow.

Kasy is a junior creative writing student with a minor in literature. She is  the current Production Manager of, Polaris Literary Magazine. She is published in Polaris, and has a forthcoming poem to be published in the SucarnocheeReview.