I am a diehard Doctor Who fan.

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi TV show.
“The Doctor” is an immortal Time Lord,
Who travels through time saving people.
It’s filled with mad-cap adventures
and heart-warming stories.

The Doctor regenerates
in the body of the next actor who will
play The Doctor.
Clever way to continue a series
beyond the life of one actor.

I got hooked one night when my son and I
came across this really creepy show.
People grew gas masks on their faces
and one little boy walked around asking,
“Are you my mommy?”
We were riveted.
I’ve since seen every episode.

David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi
are my favorite Doctors.
Amy and Rory Pond and River Song
are my favorite companions.

“Vincent Meets the Doctor”
Is the best episode ever made.
The Doctor and Amy travel back in time
to meet Vincent VanGogh and help him
slay alien monsters that only he can see.
They take him to the future
so he can see the impact he has on the world.
Palpably poignant.

I am a diehard Doctor Who fan.