I clip coupons I’ll never use
because I want to use them;
I imagine myself shopping wisely,
pulling out each little coupon
at the checkout counter
as if I am a highly organized
penny-conscious human being.
I look up easy exercise programs
because I want to exercise;
well, no—I don’t really want to,
but I know I need to,
so, I imagine myself on a yoga mat,
dutifully stretching, kicking my legs,
counting reps in my head,
dabbing a bit of sweat from my brow
when it’s thankfully over.
I write down exotic recipes
because I want to be a talented chef
because I can imagine buying things
like Ceylon cinnamon bark, organic
ginger, and kimchi flavored sea salt.
When I have company, I want to say,
Oh, this old dish? Why it’s just a little
thing called Indian Lamb Beryani.