Mary Oliver,
lately I’ve
been searching
your lines in
Why I Wake Early
for reasons to rise
when morning sun
strokes hills with
color almost a sound
it’s so bright

you begin
a conversation with
Hello, you who made the morning
honor the you
who spreads herself
even on faces of weary
you call miserable.

who is you?
What is her shape?
Stay with me Mary, please!
You write that you
keeps us from ever-darkness
has great hands of warmth

does she nudge
you to gaze
into the faces of the tulips?
into the windows of the crotchety?
or Mary, do you—you,
invite your own eyes
to notice nodding morning glories
with unblinking intensity?

Are you really singing
good morning, good morning, good morning
to words you soon fashion into verses that
hold us in your great hand of light?

Marianne Lyon has been a music teacher for 39 years. After teaching in Hong Kong she returned to the Napa Valley. She is published in various literary magazines and reviews. Nominated for the Pushcart Award 2016. She has taught in Nicaragua. She is a member of the California Writers Club, Healdsburg Literary Guild. She is an Adjunct Professor at Touro University Vallejo California