easily seen in night sky
as we sit
nestled in deckchairs
heads tilted

the Perseids

flashing over lake
all the way to Ironton
on the other side
of the universe

past the dirt road
enclosed with pine
& newish construction
that nobody calls a cottage

yet a summer night at the lake
still holds family
to mystery
& mission

not with possessions
nor wealth
but with elemental

to belong & be longed for
to know like those stars

they come they go
but they will
find their way


George Bandy’s publications include War, Literature & the Arts (USAF), New Millennium Writings, Subprimal Art Poetry, Blue Unicorn, Broadkill Review, The Saturday Evening Post, Broad River Review, Neologism Poetry Journal, The Southern Poetry Anthology: Vol. IX, among others. His poem ‘Return from War’ won the Hart Crane Memorial Poetry Award.