Entrenched in brokenness,
soft silence

etching its way
into a jade

a joining of softness

with a granite
pigmentation of sorrow,

of a bucolic
basilica of bronze,

casting shadows
over garish pilgrims

searching the shadows
of an empty nave,

a narthex of emptiness,
he calls in a voice

of urgency
tendered in

joyous reluctance
of a shadowed terror;

he builds a bridge,
a bridge of silence.

Retired educator, Jack e Lorts, has published widely (Arizona Quarterly, Kansas Quarterly, English Journal, etc.), online such places as Haggard & Halloo, Locust, verse day, etc. Author of three chapbooks, his recent “The Love Songs of Ephram Pratt” came out from Uttered Chaos Press in 2019.