Somewhere in the deepest recesses of time:
some unknowable place where even now and then
confuse each other, where darkness dances
with light so that day is night
and night is a flavor on the tongue;
where someone’s son can be someone’s mother,
and someone old becomes someone young;
where light is a thing only known
and not seen, and sound can be
wrapped around and around itself
so the utterance of a name
can go on forever in a blink
never sound the same
flow like a river and sink like a stone;

in this place
souls dance and collide,
become one and split off
beyond physical dimensions,
in this place maybe within or maybe without,
barely a sound, hardly a voice, echoes inside my head:

Rejoice in the day, the light, the breath!
dance and spin before the day begins,
make love to the moon, walk with laughter,
cry in the arms of someone you love,
sing in a chorus and thank the stars
and thank each other,
and dream this,
this here, this now,
this moment, this present,
this sound of a singular vow:
dream it all while we’re awake,
take it home tonight,
connect the dots and
make new constellations.

we have two gifts given at birth
ours to cherish til we leave this earth:
inhalation and exhalation.
take in the breath and we stave off death:
a dance, a chance to bring hope and light and love and
whatever we want into our lives,
an opportunity for rebirth and relife;
the exhale is our opportunity to shed,
clear our head, cleanse and expel our private hell;
extinguish the karmic conflagration:
these are our weapons of creation

of this life, this life, this fine life,
this wine life, this living breathing thing that surrounds us,
comforts and tears us and clears us and wears us down
and brings us up and leaves us lonely and
takes us into the hearts of strangers and connects us,
and loves us and breathes us, and fills us,
and fills us, and fills us.