imagine feathers
on my head
on my neck
across my back
downy cheeked
my beaky nose.
imagine the way
I’d have to fold my wings
to even get into the car.
Hurry with this swishing
tail before the door closed.
Never twice.
Imagine all the shampoos,
conditioners & all the
elaborate brushes
I’d have to buy.
Maybe I would fly
except that means refusing
ice cream, beer & solid bones
for the reach of Lebron.
I would trade my car
for a head wind,
get aloft & then lock
my talons with my love,
in a pinwheel embrace.
Or would I fly like
a shadow
on some landlocked
bit of meat.
Without teeth, I’d forsake
corn & salad
risking choke
on some bit of raw steak,
washing it down
head tipped to heaven.
Maybe I’d sing.