The sky a flawless blue,
that kind of August day,
that gets under your skin.
Scaffolds holding up the heavens
bracing against celestial infinity.
Feels like the heavenly court
is looking down on me,
demanding a reckoning.
I look up and wonder,
who am I anyway?
I suppose I should have figured it out by now.
I think about where I’ve wandered in this lifetime,
what gifts I’ve given the world,
where I’m still needed, what I must accomplish,
in the remainder of my allotted days.
Is there a placeholder for me
in that vast expanse of blue sky?
I pray I shall leave my mark on this good earth
with my poetry, carefully wrought, finely tuned,
a legacy bigger than me
destined to live beyond.
So in the meantime,
I shall keep an eye on that flawless blue sky
continue to weave my words
and wink at the heavens now and then.