From as above in this hermetic tower,
I gaze upon the Garden City so below,
blanketed in sunlight.
It’s lush and verdant, singing a life song.
A sea of shimmering green crowns
separate this tower from slumbering
monuments on the opposing shore.
Within this expanse of treetops and shingled roofs,
I see birds in flight, I hear cicadas humming
and I feel the busy lives of the people on the street.

Then, long after the sun has set,
the arboreal sea as below me
has lost its colour and become a mirror
to the night sky so above:
a vast black canvas,
the sparse streetlamps speckling it with stars.
Beyond this mimic, the pillars of stone,
metal and glass are now illuminated
and reveal themselves as golden, glowing mosaics!
Bright white lights blink in the distance,
and shimmering reds seem to float in stasis.
For the evening, the Garden City has changed into a City of Industry.