Glass treasure chest, a golden dream,
Bids me to come and look.
They wait, alas, you have not seen
My heart spread like a book

For you to read and love and take
The words where’er you go.
I trust my thoughts to someone whom
I love, but do not know.

A man with eyes of broken glass
That hide your heart from life.
I search the cracks, my love I pour
To seal you from the knife

Of broken dreams, restricted hopes
A longing to be free.
Swell now within the peace you need
To help you find the key

To futures clear and bright with love,
With happiness and dreams.
A man, made whole, makes whole the world
No matter how it seems

That you have failed, success is gone,
You have no hope to reach
A brighter day, a warmer night
A heart waiting to teach

You purest love and strongest joy
The meaning of the song
Glimpsed in my eyes, medieval ties,
Stares both short, and long.

Hard lessons for me, and for you,
Make clearer what we seek.
Cracked glass the past, strong steel the future,
Building what was weak

Now into rightness, with a love
Rare as the sea is blue.
No shouts, no anger, tears or doubt
Assail this love we grew

From soil of letters in a box,
That gave all my love
To you.