Poe begins his verse
Twas noontide of summer
and mid-time of night”

insomnia grips me
wool blanket, flashlight
collection of star poems
Look at the stars
look how they shine for you

Coldplay lyrics walk with me
to sandy rim of stony beach

Back in my house
I am child-frightened
boogie man under my bed
ghouls in linen closet
like Galileo-I have loved the
stars too fondly to be fearful of night.

Tonight these shards of light
a quiet magic protects me

How they cluster
in Frosts eyes
How countlessly
they congregate

I begin to connect the
diamond dots, give them
epic names, make them family
Blake hails
Fair haired angels
Hopkins invents Fire–folk
I inhale these Glittering Comforts
magically childhood memories
comet from hiding places:

Dad roasting marshmallows
over glowing embers
cuddled under frayed afghan
Grams electric fireplace
crackles me asleep
dancing candles flames
navigate innocent prayers to heaven

I fix my eyes on these Comforts
Tonight, look how they shine for me