Mom says, Don’t sleep the day away.

I sprint to St. Peter’s Church
rollers and bobbie pins hide under scarf

Save your money for a rainy day.

Play the organ, 6:30 Mass, $5.00 a month
feet dance heel-toe–heel-toe with wooden pedals

Time’s a wastin’!

Hopscotch to school, pick up best friend
she giggles, tries to keep up: hop-jump hop-jump

Don’t be idle!

Skip home for lunch, take the alleys—much quicker
Mom’s sleeps, works nights at the hospital

Be a go-getter!

I lay in bed, watch the stars’ blink
on the other side of bedroom window

Try something new!

“Mom, I am hungry for new:
new words new sounds
new realms that say come forth
I want to jump onto virgin routes
trek first-taken roads.
Do you think I might hear new;
words in random patterns
that change me, shift me;
waggled words welded
in sand, stones, rocky paths?
I want to walk them all.
I want to learn their stories.”

Or you won’t amount to anything!