You asked for opportunities.
You asked to grow, to be better,
stronger, kinder, more patient.
You asked to be able to
bring your best.
What am I, a Genie?
You think this is a magic
trick, that I wave a wand?
You get better at something by
working at it, by pushing
through when you want to
quit, by believing when there’s
no obvious reason to, you
achieve something by trying and
trying can feel like pre-failure,
and pushing through can feel
like madness and work can be
exhausting and believing when
it feels like there is nothing to
believe in can break your heart.
It’s hard and it’s supposed to be.
That’s why you’re only perfect
for a little while, that’s why grace
is an indescribable gift, that’s
why you pray in the first place.
Every morning I give you a
chance to work, to push, to
try, to believe.

You’re welcome.