Footprints in sand,
swiftly set,
fade fast.

Blended with passersby,
they create hieroglyphics.

It’s an overlooked mural made of
good-for-nothing grains.

Ever eroding,
granules ebb and flow.

Oblivious artists
shake them from shoes,
sweep them from floors,
sling them into the wind.

Fragments are flung
from the fantastical canvas of crystals.

The cycle sustains,
kneading this no-good nuisance.

Footprints in sand,
swiftly set,
fade fast.

Tracy Ahrens lives in Illinois and has been a journalist/writer for over 30 years. She has published eight books, including two non-fiction works, four children’s books and two books of poetry. As of 2023 she had earned 105 writing awards. See her website at