when I circle round the lake
on this particularly snowy day
I come across footsteps
steady and familiar

as I slide
my steps into
those that went before
it is only then
that I recognize
them as my own

this time around the lake
my steps
are surer
and my gaze lifts

to the trees
covered in nature’s blanket
almost blindingly white
in the bright shafts of sunlight

as I descend the bank
to my sweet, little lake
the steps are closer
to ease
my descent to your shore

a bird lifts
at my passing
a lilting song
to accompany
my journey

the sound
of wood chopping
in the distance
reminds me
that I am not alone
there are fellow journeyers
on this path
this orbit
and as the sun begins
to melt the footsteps
before me
the path emerges
beneath my feet
clear and sure

guiding me forward
to see
what lies ahead
yet peaking my curiosity

in this moment
that I look up
feel the sun
and let joy soak in
grief rests